Who We are

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Founder, Ed Weeks, Jr.

In many different roles and across many different industries, Ed has worked with business owners since 1993. Ultimately, his role has always been to implement strategies that increased revenues. When Ed left the daily grind of corporate America in 2015, he started his journey into social media marketing. In 2016 H.V. Social Media was formed and the rest is history.

HV Social Media

At HV Social Media, we’re different. We take your overall marketing efforts to the next level by sitting down and talking with you. We get to know your business, your team, your mission and your goals. We build relationships to bring the right captive audience to you and increase your targeted engagement. We help accelerate traditional marketing to develop a consistent, effective and revenue building campaign that brings the ideal client to you.

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Who we work with

We work with many local, regional, national and international businesses. Here’s a few industries we excel in:
Professional Services – Accounting, Banking, Dental, Holistic, Insurance, IT, Law, Medical, & Real Estate
Home Services – Contractors, Electricians, HVAC, Swimming Pool
Ecommerce & Mobile Applications across varying sectors