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We don’t pretend to be the one and only option
for every industry and niche out there.

That’s impossible. Instead, we believe in focusing on the specific industries where we know we can deliver results for our clients. That’s why, from the beginning, HV Social Media has been dedicated to helping companies and brands in Banking, Dental Services, E-commerce, Home Services and Restaurants / Retail Industries. Our reputation speaks for itself (but our case studies and testimonials sure do help!).


When it comes to choosing a financial institution, consumers literally have hundreds of options to choose from.

That’s why bank digital marketing is so important because the internet is often used to help people connect with banks that offer the right combination of products and services.

We never resort to unscrupulous practices in an effort to increase traffic to your website. Instead, we carefully analyze each customer’s situation in order to come up with a marketing plan that is effective. Part of the work we do involves helping you build your brand, thereby ensuring your company is well recognized and trusted.

We do this not by cutting corners, but by custom tailoring a marketing plan especially for you.


Today, most people are turning to the internet to find out about the best, most affordable and highly rated dental clinics around them.

Any dental practitioner around the US should therefore take their marketing campaign online, to the place where most prospective clients awaits – it’s the most effective and convenient way to enhance your profit margins.

We create dental digital marketing strategies that ensure that your practice is creating brand connections, rather than just making a noise in Social Media. We offer a range of services from Social Media consultancy through to full management.


Marketing for eCommerce is all about connecting with the right audience through channels that feel true to your business.

We understand your needs, but also your customer’s needs — that’s why our approach to eCommerce marketing actually makes a difference.

Rather than focusing on the end goal, it’s about making sure that every interaction and engagement creates a relationship between you and your target audience. It’s all about thinking holistically — and when it comes to conversion rates, this is what really works.

By combining the less technical elements of your marketing strategy, like PR and content, with technical activity like paid media and SEO, we can predict where the biggest gains will come from, for the least amount of resource.


Eventually, everyone needs to have their home serviced. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best handyman in the world, at some point, a professional will need to come in to help

That’s why it’s essential to stand out in a market with thousands of readily available companies. Regardless of if you’re in the plumbing, flooring, renovating, heating, cooling, landscaping, or storage business, you need to start focusing on your digital marketing efforts to get ahead in your industry.

We offer a total digital marketing system along with an expert service team who works with you every step of the way. Plus, we’ve worked with lots of home services businesses – from plumbing and HVAC repair to flooring, roofing, kitchen and bath remodelers, and more – so we have the data insights and experience to know what works to drive you more customers.


Running a successful restaurant means being able to anticipate the next new marketing breakthrough, while making the most of what works now.

It’s a constant push-pull scenario that could leave most business owners exhausted.We understand your needs, but also your customer’s needs — that’s why our approach to Restaurant marketing actually makes a difference.

We see each challenge as an opportunity to help our clients grow and expand. Web design. Email marketing. SEO.


All competitive retailers know the importance of marketing channels working cohesively. That’s why we offer a range of services, designed with growth and unbelievable results in mind.

Retail marketing works best when everything works together. When you work with us – you are joining forces with an agency that can help you at every stage of the lifecycle through our cross-channel approach.

We implement our strategic PPC audits and Social Ads to drive sales to your store.

What Client says about Us


We excel when working with business owners who are not afraid to think outside of the box and recognize the value in proactive strategy. And we’ve got the proof:


Are you sick and tired of spending your hard-earned dollars on advertising campaigns that simply cost you more than they make you? Then stop the stress and frustration of trying to guess how to grow your business and put our proven, battle-tested strategies and tactics to work.

Give us 30 minutes to show you how.